Photo Ornament - Snow Tree

Photo Ornament - Snow Tree
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All ornaments are packaged in individual clear display box.

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Each ornament is one of a kind and will not be found anywhere else on the Internet or in any retail stores. The personalized glass Christmas ornament is our newest and best addition to our catalog, resulting in over two years of research, development, testing and tinkering.

Our proprietary process lets us make you a unique personalized ornament with:

  • family photos
  • kids picture(s)
  • parents and grandparents picture(s)
  • pet photos
  • photos of celebrations: weddings, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, christenings, baptisms, family reunions, ...
  • vacation pictures, fishing or hunting trophies, ...
  • team pictures and logos
  • photos of your accomplishments such as graduations
  • any memorable moments from years ago may be captured and preserved on our glass ball ornaments for years of enjoyment and for generations to come.

    We customize a white pearl ornament by printing your image and words into one of our pre-designed borders onto a clear band and band the image permanently to the ornament.

    Some of our customers make a true FAMILY TREE for Christmas, purchasing ornaments with pictures of each family member, Grandmas and Gradpas, Parents, Kids, Aunts and Uncles - then setting these ornaments on a Mini-Christmas Tree as a table decoration to let everyone in the home remember all family members and admire their new family Christmas tree!

    We are so confident in quality of our photo band glass balls that we are proud to offer unconditional 30 day money back guarantee: You only pay shipping cost to return the product back to us. If you return the product within 30 days of original shipment prepaying shipping costs back to us, we will be happy to refund original price of the product as well as original shipping charges.

    These are so unique and adorable keepsakes and gifts. We can put any picture, in color or in black and white on a Glass Christmas Bulb for you. You will not find this ornament anywhere on the internet or in any stores. This product is our newest and best addition, result of two years of research, development, testing and tinkering.

    This border is especially suitable for full size photos and we can place short text somewhere inside the picture using contrast color and font for the lettering:

     Ornaments are available in three different editions:


    photo ornaments comparison

    The economy version is our new acrylic ornaments that do not break... but have one major difference compared to our classical glass and high end Bohemian glass ornaments : the acrylic balls have a visible seam on the sides as pictured in the photo bellow:

    The classical glass or the Bohemian glass does not have seam, the glass ornaments are blown bubbles from glass which do not need to be seamed, as opposed to the acrylic balls which are made as 1/2 spheres and then seamed toghether.

    No matter which option you choose : the Economy Acrylic, the Classical Glass or the Break Resistant High Class Bohemian Glass, we are sure you will LOVE your ornament or your money back!



    The video here presents our economy option acrylic ball ornament - isn't it just adorable?  And it only gets better from here.  Click on the video to see it rotate to get a full feel on how this product looks.


    The ornaments are available in:


    • Good : acrylic ball ornaments (new economy option) !  Acrylic balls have a visible seam on the side but if you are looking for unbreakable economy option to glass ball, this is your best choice!
    • Better: standard glass ornaments - the true classic medium - no seam, just like the ornaments you see in the store
    • Best: break resistant Bohemian glass ornaments - the best of the best, Bohemian glass is thick just like a laboratory glass and because of it's thickness it is break resistant.

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