Ribbon Applique Personalized Christmas Stockings

Ribbon Applique Personalized Christmas Stockings

Ribbon Applique Personalized Christmas StockingsRibbon Applique Personalized Christmas Stockings
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This is a well made classy personalized Christmas stocking, constructed of Christmas velvet on the body which is further enhanced by very pretty ribbon and snowflake applique.

These are sold out for 2020

We have several color combinations of this stocking design, here they all are linked so you can choose the ones you like and make a set:

Red Cuff Olive Green Boot Olive Green Cuff Red Boot Red Cuff White Boot White Cuff Red Boot

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Names can be personalized on the cuff of this Christmas stocking with metallic embroidery threads to complement the stocking design and color scheme.

The FREE personalizing option includes:

  • Embroidered with Gold Metallic Thread - ONE WORD ONLY
  • Choice of fonts: Embroidery Script or Embroidery Block

We have a sample picture of the stocking monogrammed with gold metallic embroidery thread ... click on the thumbnail image in the top right hand corner of this page to see a larger version also feel free to preview the video and additional images of this best selling stocking.

Each name is machine embroidered with the first letter in upper case and the remaining letters in lower case.

Measurements: Measured along the diagonal from the top left hand corner to the toe, the stocking measures 18 inches, and the width along the cuff is 7.5 inches. The inside of the stocking is fully lined.

Materials and Design: The body and cuff of this Christmas stocking is made out of velvet and the applique ribbon is constructed out or non woven material matching the color of the cuff. The applique star is gold metallic synthethic material and appliques are framed in metallic gold embroidery thread. The inside lining is in matching color polyester. The stocking is also padded inside between the lining and the exterior velvet, which gives the stocking soft feel, it holds its shape very nicely - just a superior quality workmanship!

Lining: Yes, this Christmas stocking is lined inside with fine satin material that matches the color of the stocking.

For group orders of 2 or more stockings, we will do our best to adjust the font size of the letters so the monogrammed letters are uniform in size. For example, if your order has the names Mom, Dad and Christopher, we will embroider the longest name first and then adjust the font size of the shorter names to match the font size of the longest name, otherwise the shorter names will appear to be disproportionately large. If you want the largest letters available monogrammed on the cuff, please specify SHORT versions of names, such as Mom/Dad/Chris instead of Mom/Dad/Christopher.

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