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28" Large Personalized Knitted Stockings - Fair Isle Knit - Embroidery

28" Large Personalized Knitted Stockings - Fair Isle Knit - Embroidery

28" Large Personalized Knitted Stockings - Fair Isle Knit - Embroidery28" Large Personalized Knitted Stockings - Fair Isle Knit - Embroidery28" Large Personalized Knitted Stockings - Fair Isle Knit - Embroidery
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Fair Isle knit design personalized Knitted Christmas Stockings

Knit Christmas Stockings Red Green Extra Large 28" : Each is knit from thick wool-blend yarns with a large loop for hanging. Lightweight polyester satin inside lining adds stability and prevents stretching over time and makes them easy to stuff.


Click on the additional images to see detailed image of each design.

Measured along the diagonal from the top left hand corner to the toe, the stocking measures 28 inches (give and take an inch or so), and the width along the cuff is 6.5 inches. These are REALLY large stockings, check out the additional pictures, we took a photo of a group of our knit stockings with a chair so you can appreciate how large these stockings are! PLEASE NOTE The white cuff deer hearts design stocking is about ONE INCH LONGER! So if you have that special someone who really needs a larger then the rest of the group stocking, this one is for them.

Materials: The stocking is made from green, red and white polyester wool blend - extra thick yarns. The inside lining is cotton-knit material, like a t-shirt fabric. We carry good selection of similar designs as pictured so you can make a set!

Lining: YES. This stocking is fully lined inside.

Names can be personalized on the cuff of this Christmas stocking

The FREE personalizing option includes:


    Each name is machine embroidered with the first letter in upper case and the remaining letters in lower case.

    For group orders of 2 or more stockings, we will do our best to adjust the font size of the letters so the monogrammed letters are uniform in size. Since the cuff of these stockings is narrower - we have about 4.0 inches width on the cuff to personalize your names. For example, if your order has the names Mom, Dad and Christopher, we will embroider the longest name first and then adjust the font size of the shorter names to match the font size of the longest name, otherwise the shorter names will appear to be disproportionately large. If you want the largest letters available monogrammed on the cuff, please specify SHORT versions of names, such as Mom/Dad/Chris instead of Mom/Dad/Christopher.

    Please provide the names to be monogrammed on the stockings in the Personalizing box; separate each name with a comma. Select the font style in the Personalizing Method drop down menu.

    If you are ordering many of the same stocking; and the names do not fit into a personalizing box, use the COMMENTS box on the checkout screen where you can add the additional names or any other special instructions

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